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Mobile App Development

Yes, even for individuals :)

Because mobility Consumer and professional is constantly changing, companies wishing to upgrade their mobile application to interconnected systems or the physical terminal is only one element of an advanced eco system.

Web App Development

for individuals and businesses

The Web has become the ultimate reference in research. Whether it is to find a phone number, an address or to form an opinion about a company, the first instinct is now to Web search.

Smart Automation Solutions

for home and enterprise

Increase the productivity of your enterprise or the safety of your home, this is possible through IoT (Internet Of Things) advanced solutions. 

Training and Support

 to the realization of projects

A project is not always easy to set up. Especially when the entrepreneur does not have all the technical skills required. Be accompanied is to have at your disposal a qualified team, determined to achieve your goals.


Rankit Lite

The first Social Media dedicated to Customers

Rank products and services you use everyday. Share your opinion with managers and friends. Connect and talk to managers about your expectations. Claim and track the evolution of your reclamation with the organism in charge of the protection of your consumer rights.
Win money, prizes and reduction coupon while doing this !!

Rankit Pro

Re-invent the feedback marketing for profesionnals

You run a business and you don't know how to create a friendly community with your clients. You have a brilliant product on the market and you need quick feedback of customers and prospects. Or you just want to advertise (freely) your products and services to a community of demanding customers. 
Mmm... It seems like Rankit Pro is designed for you !!

Smart Wireless Secure

Stay safe with our Remote Control Camera Pack

Remain connected to your home, your store your office or to this place that you (really) care about with a wireless Camera that only you can control with your phone. Choose to store your images by SD Card or Cloud, from a few days to several weeks, according to your needs.
Book a free trial now by clicking on the button below !! (only available in Douala and Yaounde... for the moment).

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Available on Google PlayStore


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